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Discover “Fèffar” Wine: A Spicy Sensation Explosion from Valpolicella

Our “Fèffar” wine, literally translatable as “pepper” in the Cimbric language, stands as a unique sensory experience. This term is the key to understanding the aroma and spicy sensations that blend in this extraordinary wine, thanks to the characteristic Pelara grape.

Through the fusion of centuries-old traditions and modern winemaking mastery, “Fèffar” emerges as a true masterpiece of Valpolicella. Each sip encapsulates the heritage of the land and local grapes, translating into a symphony of spicy flavors that delicately dance on the palate.

The Pelara grape, with its aromatic complexity, imparts a distinctive character to this wine. Its spicy notes intertwine with the structure and full-bodied nature, creating a harmony that enhances every detail of your encounter with the wine.

In the heart of Valpolicella, “Fèffar” becomes the emblem of spicy sensations, offering an experience that embraces culture, tradition, and innovation. Experience the poetry of “Fèffar” and immerse yourself in the unique sensations that only Valpolicella can offer.

Choose to embark on an extraordinary oenological journey with “Fèffar.” Let yourself be transported by the magic of words and flavors on a voyage that celebrates the passion for wine and the terroir.

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